Still trying to figure out what to make dad for that perfect Father’s Day meal? Why not take a lesson from some famous cartoon dads?

Starting off our list is the iconic Homer Simpson. While Homer enjoys a vast array of foods, his clear favorite is the doughnut. Go out and get your dad some good glazed doughnuts for a tasty (albeit sugary) breakfast that will start his Father’s day out right (pink frosting is a bonus).

For something a bit more substantial, a great lunchtime meal, we turn to the king of sandwiches, Dagwood. Stock up your fridge with plenty of lunchmeat, veggies, and don’t forget a green olive to complete the look so you can make your dad the perfect sandwich. Also great for a midnight snack!

For Father’s day dinner we take a page from bedrock. Ribs, like the giant ones Fred Flintstone was known to enjoy, will be a guaranteed hit with your dad. They don’t have to be big enough to topple yourcar to make a great meal though.

To add some nutrition to the Father’s day smorgasbord we follow the wisdom of the strongest sailor we know. Popeye’s favorite food, and essential source of strength, Spinach, is a great super food. We even wrote a post describing the numerous benefits of this leafy source of nutrition.

Depending on the time and schedule for your Father’s day you may be able to fit in some burgers. If your dad is a grilling enthusiast, or just a burger enthusiast for that matter you can let him flex his grilling muscles and go for the  simplicity of some great quarter-pounders, just like Hank Hill enjoys.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by the tastes’ of some famous cartoon fathers, so you can keep your dad’s stomach full for a fun father’s day.