“The onion is the most favorite food that grows.”

-George Washington, First U.S. President (reputed to never tell a lie)

Sweet Vidalia onions, which lack the “spiciness” and bitter taste that can accompany other summer onions, are the perfect addition to any summertime cookout, picnic, or party. Available in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia between April and October, Vidalia onions are considered to be among the most versatile vegetables available in the summer months.

Most commonly seen atop freshly-grilled hamburgers at mid-summer cookouts, Vidalia onions’ sweet and crisp nature allow them to be prepared in any number of ways, such as in Vidalia onion sushi, sweet onion quiche, in numerous dips and toppings, and even in desserts!  For a complete list of recipes sure to meet your sweet onion needs, visit the Vidalia Onion Committee’s website.

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