Summer is the season for spending time outside. Days are filled with trips to the park and the pool. Because your schedule is so packed and you’re always on the go, fast finger foods are the best option. Kids love finger foods, and here are some parents can love too!

Sweet Treats!
— Fresh fruits are great for kids! You can take them in small bags, and bring along dips such as chocolate or marshmallow for an extra sweet treat. Fruit is healthy, and kids love it! You can do apples and oranges, or strawberries and melon. There are so many choices that all your kids are sure to be satisfied.
— What can be made with blueberries, chocolate chips, bananas, and so much more? Muffins! These are a great summer treat that everyone will love! Make them with your favorite filling and enjoy!

Fresh Foods!
— Lots of kids don’t like eating their vegetables, but making them more appealing is so fun! Add peanut butter and raisins to celery for the “ants on a log” special! Or whip up some tasty dips and spreads such as spinach and artichoke dip for some afternoon fun.

Salty Snacks!
— Most kids love salty snacks! Chex mix tends to be a summer favorite. Instead of buying it from the grocery, make your own with yours kids favorite cereals. It’s so easy to make and travels easy as well!
— Another summer favorite is chips and dip! In order to keep this snack on the healthy side, try bean dip or salsa. These dips will give your kids the vegetables, fiber and protein they need to stay healthy.

Summer foods are all about being healthy and fun with no-hassle or clean up. These snacks are all so easy to make and kids love them! To find more fun finger foods for kids check out summer snacks!