Here are a few fun food facts I bet you didn’t know!

– Feeling dizzy? Drink ginger tea.

– Rice is a staple food for over half of the world’s population.

– Olive oil makes a good deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp.

– Doctors recommend you have 5 servings for fruit and vegetables per day. One serving is half a cup.

– In the US, more tomatoes are consumed everyday than any other vegetable or fruit.

– The state of California supplies almost all the broccoli in the entire United States.

-Avocadoes, which are rich in Vitamin E, make a good facial mask.

– Diet soda has yet to be proven as an aid in effective weight loss. Some studies in fact have shown the beverage a actually increasing appetite or hunger.

– Turmeric, which makes mustard yellow, has anti-inflammatory properties. Mixed with some cream or milk, it can be used as an antiseptic for the skin.

– The average child in America will consume 1,500 peanut butter ad jelly sandwiches by the time h or she graduates from high school

If you have any fun food facts, share them with us today!