Warm weather and sun are right around the corner, which means so is BBQ season! What better get-together can you have than a BBQ with friends and family? If you’re the host, here are some great ways to make your BBQ a success without emptying your pockets.

Serve up a cold rice salad. Rice is filling and works well to bulk out a salad. Add in whatever other ingredients you like for a personalized dish. Make sure you give the rice time to cool after cooking.

Provide chicken wings or drumsticks. They are cheaper than chicken breasts, and you can buy dozens at a time. Cook them in various marinades to satisfy all your guests.

Make your own Garlic Bread from a French Baguette. This allows you to personalize the flavor to your likings. Also, when making it yourself you tend to get more pieces for you money.

Buy hamburgers in bulk. This will significantly cut down on your costs. Many supermarkets offer special deals in the summer so be sure to keep your eyes open for bulk meats.

Use potatoes as a side dish. There are so many different ways to make potatoes, but a classic choice is to chop and sauté with butter and chives.


To find out more tips to make your backyard BBQ a success without spending too much, check out these fun food ideas today!