Need the perfect gift, but not sure what to give? Here are some great ideas that won’t drain your wallet, and have just the right amount of personal touch. And to make things even easier, they all come from the kitchen, but with no baking required!

–Gather up some famous family recipes. Print them on pretty recipe cards and place them into a categorized box.

–Give a bottle of wine with an IOU for a home-cooked meal.

–Take several small herb plants and place them together in a basket. Don’t forget to include your favorite recipe for each herb.

–Try getting a salt mill or pepper grinder and fill with gourmet salt or peppercorns.

–Fill a decorative ceramic loaf pan with quick bread mixes.

–If the family has children, fill a cookie jar with all the baking accessories: food coloring, cookie cutters, icing, sprinkles, and most importantly your favorite cookie recipe.

All of these gifts are fun, easy, and sure to be appreciated! For great seasonal gift ideas, check out Home Cooking today!