Looking for some fun and helpful kitchen tips to help start off the New Year? Well these are great! Eliminate the unneeded stress, because with tips like these, you’re sure to impress!

  • Add a pinch of baking soda to any frosting to help it stay moist and prevent cracking.
  • For soups that are salty, be sure to add a raw potato. This will absorb extra salt.
  • Looking for cake flour, but only have all purpose flour? Sift the flour about five times, and you now have cake flour.
  • If you’re adding fruits and nuts to cakes, etc, be sure to always add a little flour to them and bake for a short time. Then add them to the mixture to keep them from sinking to the bottom.
  • When baking cookies, be sure to use unsalted butter to give them a lighter texture.

  • To remove some of the fat in soup, add a lettuce leaf to the pot, then remove the leaf after fat removal.
  • Add a small amount of sugar to pancake/waffle batter to make it brown more quickly.
  • Only boil corn for 3minutes, in unsalted water. This will help bring out more flavor.
  • To eliminate grease spatter, sift a small amount of flour over the hot fat, and it will stop.
  • Run bacon under water before frying to help eliminate shrinkage.

For more fun and easy kitchen tips, be sure to check back with us soon! Also, for great winter recipes check out Sparkle Markets today!